Elizabeth Fels

Elizabeth lives in Hessel, MI on the north shore of Lake Huron, where she has a second-hand bookstore and photography gallery called The Village Idiom. She has a Master's degree and thesis on the control of classical music in the Soviet Union and has done Doctoral work in history.

Her photographs hang in medical clinics, banks, business offices, resorts and homes throughout United States, Canada and Europe. Her work has been featured on the cover of phone books, in Michigan Guide Books and in Calendars. She has had exhibitions in regional art galleries here and in Canada, in libraries, and been accepted in juried art shows. This spring she closed her second major show in Canada and is preparing for an exhibition in Lexington, Kentucky.

She is also a writer and poet. She has had articles published, accompanied by her work. One article involved several trips on a Coast Guard cutter as it placed and retrieved the bouys in the surrounding waters.

Her philosophy regarding photography is that everyting in the universe has it's own harmonic emission - a music that can be heard and felt outside lineal analysis. It's mathematical and mystical, so photography for her is a way of looking at her world and finding a spirit, a song, and a pattern which can be healing. Fractals are a way of making sense of chaos.

She wants her work to capture that flash of serenity and wonder, amid other dimensions, to catch reflections and leave the reflecting to the gazer to determine what is real to them

Elizabeth's photography introduces nature, especially the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in all its astonishing seasons. Her discriminating eye makes her world come alive, and we see it in a new light, in a new way.

  M. Long , Rhode Island


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